China Renewable Heating & Distributed Energy Platform


       国际上,因地制宜利用可再生能源供热、发展分布式能源,已经具有丰富经验,欧盟国家构建了专门组织进行该项工作的协调和推广。为促进我国政府、企业、研究机构关于可再生能源供热、分布式能源先进技术和工程实践的相互交流,推动可再生能源供热、分布式能源政策措施、体制机制的建设完善,在国家能源局的安排下,借鉴欧洲RHC-platform的经验,有关供热领域规划咨询研究单位牵头组建中国可再生能源供热和分布式能源交流平台(China Renewable Energy Heating & Distributed Energy Platform,英文缩写ChinaRHD)。


     Nowadays China meets the large amount of heating demand mainly by burning fossil fuels, coal typically, resulting in a large amount of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Supplying heat by making full use solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, wind energy and other renewable energy (including generating heat from abandoned wind and photovoltaic power), and the full development of distributed energy can significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, mitigate emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gas, ease the pressure on transporting energy resources, as well as optimize China's energy structure.

    International organizations and enterprises have already gained rich experience in generating heat from renewable energy and developing distributed energy sources according to local conditions. EU countries have set up specialized organizations to coordinate and promote this work. With the aim of accelerating the information exchanges among Chinese government, enterprises and research institutes on renewable energy heating technology, building up robust institutional mechanisms and policies for that, China Renewable Energy Heating & Distributed Energy Platform (ChinaRHD) was founded by several Planning and Consulting Research institutes under the supervision of the National Energy Administration(NEA).

   The ChinaRHD is a non-profit technology exchange network platform composed of relevant government departments, enterprises and experts from research institutions on voluntary basis. It provides a platform for experts and scholars to publish and discuss research results on technical, economic and political strategy of renewable energy heating and distributed energy. In that, we can accelerate knowledge sharing information on renewable energy heating technology, and build up robust institutional mechanisms and policies for that.